Why spend more on traditional phone systems?
When you can get more at lesser price!

Are you tired of making use of those traditional phone lines that not only cost you thousands in bills, but are not advanced enough to meet your business requirements? Well, if you want to move your commutations to the next-level, then take a look at the extensive range of features that our hosted PBX systems offer. Decide for yourself; do you need a phone system that exceeds your expectations by simplifying your business communication or a system that takes away the work efficiency!

Caller ID

Our hosted PBX systems show the number and name of the caller on the display screen, making it easy for you to answer calls.

Call Recording

Want to record call for future references and monitoring purposes? Our hosted PBX phones offer call recording to help make things easier for you.

Call Monitoring

Our hosted PBX systems allow businesses to monitor live calls for security and training purposes.

Call Forwarding

Want to forward an incoming call to another extension? You can do so without paying a single penny with our PBX systems.

Auto Attendant

Our VirtualPBX system allows you to get calls answered without needing a full-time receptionist. Whenever someone calls your firm, they will hear a customized greeting message and will be given an option for routing their calls. So, you no more need to worry about incoming calls, as we have got a system in place for that!

Business Hour Rules

Want your phone to be working after business hours as well? With VirtualPBX systems, you can choose to play a customized message for any caller who calls after business hours. You can make use of these options with just a click of a button.

Do Not Disturb

Our PBX systems can send an automated message for whenever the phone is busy on another call. The caller can record their message on voice mail for you to hear it later.

Direct Dial Numbers

You can also call directly to an extension without the call being automatically transferred to an attendant or a greeting message.

Free Calls between Extensions

Enjoy totally free-of-cost calls between extensions.


Our PBX systems have built-on conferencing option, allowing you to carry-out important meeting without needing a third-party source.

Departmental Ring Groups

We make is easy for you to manage heavy call traffic by allowing you to answer multiple calls from other extensions. This feature allows businesses to improve work-efficiency and avoid any problem in the call quality.

Voice Mails

We are offering you an efficient solution to keep your business activities going smoothly. Get voicemails recorded from the phone device to avoid missing any calls.

Employee Mobility

Our PBX systems are designed to offer businesses a mobile solution. So, whether your employees are working from home or are in another state, they can easily stay connected to their office phone system and manage all work activities without any interruption.


Manage everything from a dashboard thats convenient to use!