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ReliablePBX has made communication easier by offering advanced hosted PBX systems for businesses. These business phone systems are designed to meet all your business communication needs without letting you go through any hassle. So, whether you want to connect with an employee outside town or set-up a conference call with the client, our hosted VoIP systems are perfect for it all.

ReliablePBX offers high-tech phones by Cisco

Cisco is a leading IT company that offers some of the most advanced VoIP systems. Cisco IP phones contain innovative features and offer complete voice over data service. These phones are perfect for small to big sized businesses looking to enhance their connection and communication with employees and clients.

ReliablePBX has made the best IP phones by Cisco available to businesses looking to improve communication within the firm. We are currently offering two models; 7940G and 7960G. in order to learn more about these smart VoIP systems by Cisco, take look below:

Cisco SPA303

Basic and affordable IP phone for business or home office

We are offering a completely refurbished Cisco SPA303 with a new phone cord and new handset. This IP phone by Cisco can be bought in $40 only.
If you want a completely new IP phone device, then you can also get the new Cisco SPA303 in only $85.

The Cisco SPA303 has the following specs:

  • High quality duplex speakerphone
  • 6.3W power consumption
  • Three line phone
  • PoE compliant
  • SIP firmware
  • Adjustable foot stand
  • Integrated 10/100 switch for direct network connection

Buy Refurbished : $40 & New : $85

Cisco 7940G

The Cisco 7940G contains all the features and specs you need to enhance your business communication!

We are offering a completely refurbished Cisco 7940G with a new phone cord and new handset. This IP phone by Cisco can be bought in $40 only.
If you want a completely new IP phone device, then you can also get the new Cisco 7940G in only $85.

The Cisco 7940G has the following specs:

  • High quality duplex speakerphone
  • 6.3W power consumption
  • Two line phone
  • PoE compliant
  • SIP firmware
  • Large pixel based display
  • Adjustable foot stand
  • Integrated 10/100 switch for direct network connection

Buy Refurbished : $40 & New : $85

Cisco 7960G

The CP-7960G is an advanced VoIP device that will take your business communication to the next level!

We are offering both refurbished and new Cisco 7960G. The refurbished set that is available for purchase comes with a new handset and cord in only $50. The new Cisco 7960G comes in $100.

Below are the amazing specs that this IP phone contains:

  • Full duplex speakerphone
  • SIP firmware
  • Large pixel based screen display
  • Six line phone system
  • 6.3W Power Consumption
  • Comes with an adjustable foot strand
  • Integrated 10/100 switch for direct network connection

Buy Refurbished : $50 & New : $100

Cisco SPA525G2

The Cisco SPA525G2 is the next-gen IP phone that your business needs!

We also offer Cisco SPA525G2, which is a 5-Line Color IP phone set. What makes this device different from all others is that it is a color set.

The Cisco SPA525G2 contains a vast range of features that are perfect for enhancing user experience and giving businesses a chance to shine. Below is a list of features that this IP phone contains:

  • Bluetooth connectivity for mobile connections, call receiving, call transfers & more
  • 5 line buttons
  • 3.2 inch QVGA 320x240 color display with high resolution and complete graphics
  • Wi-Fi connectivity with complete security and protection
  • Camera monitoring for up to 4 videos
  • Easy VPN setup
  • SIP and SPCP support
  • Amazing voice clarity with enhanced speaker and wideband audio
  • Complete multimedia support including MP3, RSS feeds, and digital photos

Buy Refurbished : $135

Note : Our refurbished phones are just like new systems. Every set that we have on offer passes rigorous tests. The sets that come out clean are the ones that we sell to our valuable customers. We offer 100% guarantee on satisfaction of our devices.

Don’t settle for less!

ReliablePBX has chosen only the best VoIP system providers to ensure complete satisfaction. The devices that we offer are the best in the market and will provide you with enhanced business communication.

Get the most advanced IP systems by Polycom!

ReliablePBX has gathered only the most advanced and efficient IP phone systems to offer to businesses looking to simplify communications. By purchasing our advanced IP systems, businesses can communicate and connect with employees and clients without worrying about any interruption and barrier. Our IP systems are also great cost savers for those companies that spend a lot of money on communication.

Polycom IP 501

The Polycom IP 501 is a high tech IP phone system that can enhance your business communications making it easy for you to save costs on getting connected to employees and clients.

Following are the smart features that this next-gen IP phone system by Polycom contains:

  • Complete SIP solutions
  • Complete VoIP functions
  • Corded
  • Offers 3 line operation
  • 160x80 high-res graphic display
  • Call waiting
  • Incoming call treatment
  • Handsfree speakerphone
  • Message waiting alert
  • Easy call transfer
  • 3 way conferencing
  • Do not disturb option
  • Call timer setup
  • Speed dial with one touch
  • Hold and redial
  • 12 feature keys
  • Amplified headsets compatible
  • AC powered and comes with an adapter
  • Menu in multiple languages
  • Sensitive soft keys

Buy Refurbished : $40

Polycom IP 550

The Polycom IP 550 set that we offer is completely refurbished including the most diverse range of features.

This IP phone set contains the following features:

  • Call waiting
  • Corded VoIP system
  • 4 line phone offering two call for every line
  • Compatible with hearing aid
  • Distinctive incoming call feature
  • Complete SIP solutions
  • Duplex speakerphone and hands free system
  • 3 way conference feature
  • Intercom and call transfer
  • 320x160 LCD graphic display
  • Phone directory
  • Dialer
  • Date and time display
  • Speed dial with one touch
  • 26 feature keys
  • Dual port 10/100 Ethernet switch

Buy Refurbished : $75

Polycom SoundPoint IP 650

The Polycom SoundPoint IP 650 is a high-tech VoIP system that is equipped with innovative features to make your business communications simple and affordable. We also offer 100% guarantee on satisfaction that this IP phone system will not let you down.

This system contains the following features that will help make business communications easy for you:

  • One touch speed dial option
  • 3 point conferencing
  • Missed call notification
  • Duplex handsfree speakerphone
  • 320x160 LCD graphic display with high-resolution
  • 6 line operation system
  • Call waiting
  • 12 line operation system with expansion module
  • Incoming call feature
  • Phone directory dialing
  • Issed call notification with remote technology
  • 26 feature keys and 4 context soft keys
  • Menu available in multiple languages
  • PoE support

Buy Refurbished : $100

Note : We have ensured that refurbished devices go through extensive testing and the ones that clear these tests are made available to businesses here.

Conference Units

Businesses often require making conference calls to employees and clients based in other locations. In order for the conference call to be successful, businesses need an IP system that offers complete voice clarity and additional features to enhance the interaction.

The Polycom conference units are advanced and are equipped with the most extensive range of features to make conference calls more convenient and efficient.

Advanced VoIP systems by Grandstream are now available here!

Looking for a phone system that helps you connect with your employees without any hassle? Well, look no further as ReliablePBX brings to you the most advanced VoIP systems by the best telecom companies in the industry.

Grandstream GXP1620

The Grandstream GXP1620 is a VoIP phone system that will provide superior connectivity and interaction with employees and clients. This phone system will also make it easy for you to connect with employees based in other locations. This system by Grandstream will also help save costs, allowing you to put your money on important business operations. Below is a list of features that this advanced IP phone contains:

  • Complete IP and VoIP connectivity
  • Complete SIP protocol support
  • 2 line connectivity
  • Two 10/100 Ethernet ports
  • RJ9 headset connectivity
  • Complete EHS support with Plantronics headsets
  • Wall mountable
  • Echo cancellation technology for voice clarity
  • 3 way conferencing
  • Full duplex handsfree speakerphone
  • 132x48 high res LCD display with backlight adjustment

Buy Refurbished : $50

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