Call anywhere in the world at the cheapest rates!

Are you tired of making use of those traditional phone lines that not only cost you thousands in bills, but are not advanced enough to meet your business requirements? Well, if you want to move your commutations to the next-level, then take a look at the extensive range of features that our hosted PBX systems offer. Decide for yourself; do you need a phone system that exceeds your expectations by simplifying your business communication or a system that takes away the work efficiency!

Calling rates

Tired of making business calls across the globe and ending up paying hefty phone bills? You no more have to spend so much money on simple communication because ReliablePBX brings to you the most unbeatable calling rates.

Our calling rates will make it easy for you to contact your employees or clients irrespective of their location. For more information on the calling rates for different countries, please take a look below:

Destination Code Price
Vanuatu Republic6780.4725
Venezuela Cellular5840.0583
Venezuela Cellular-Movilnet584160.0240
Venezuela Cellular-Movilnet584260.0240
Venezuela Cellular-Telcel584140.0260
Venezuela Cellular-Telcel584240.0260
Venezuela Cellular-TIM Digitel584120.0215
Vietnam Cellular841210.0590
Vietnam Cellular841250.0590
Vietnam Cellular841260.0590
Vietnam Cellular841270.0590
Vietnam Cellular841280.0590
Vietnam Cellular841290.0590
Vietnam Cellular841230.0590
Vietnam Cellular8490.0590
Vietnam Cellular841860.0590
Vietnam Cellular841990.0590
Vietnam Cellular841200.0590
Vietnam Cellular841240.0590
Vietnam Cellular841880.0590
Vietnam Cellular841220.0590
Vietnam Cellular-Vietel84980.0590
Vietnam Cellular-Vietel84970.0590
Vietnam Cellular-Vietel841690.0590
Vietnam Cellular-Vietel841680.0590
Vietnam Cellular-Vietel841670.0590
Vietnam Cellular-Vietel841660.0590
Vietnam Cellular-Vietel841650.0590
Vietnam Cellular-Vietel841640.0590
Vietnam Cellular-Vietel841630.0590
Vietnam Cellular-Vietel841620.0590
Vietnam-Ho Chi Minh8480.0590

Customized PBX systems to meet your business needs!

At ReliablePBX, we make sure that your business has the best phone systems. That’s the reason we offer customized solutions to businesses that have extra-ordinary needs for communication. We offer all types of standard and advanced phone systems, keeping you ahead of your game. Whatever your communication need might be; ReliablePBX is here to meet them all with a promise to exceed your expectations.